Prasiddhi Vidyodaya provides a variety of co-curricular activities aiming at providing opportunities for students to work in teams, exercise leadership, take their own initiative and hence enhance their confidence levels.

Various activities like debate, drama, elocution, word building, spell bee etc are conducted all through the year. Pupils are encouraged with prizes and certificates for all activities.


Prasiddhi Vidyodaya has a broad educational Mission – for a holistic growth.A wide range of extra- curricular activities offered in our school, meet the students’ various interests to learn new arts and hone the known skills.


Religious Festivals

Festival season is a gala time at Prasiddhi. They are celebrated with great pomp and show. At all the celebrations, the stories and morals reflected in them are explained to the children.

National Festivals

To arouse the patriotic fervor, Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated.


These are very special in Prasiddhi Vidyodaya. The whole school participates energetically in the programs.

Every child in Prasiddhi Vidyodaya finds a place on the stage or on the grounds to experience being a performer to exhibit their talents.


Life is a struggle and the person with a healthy and strong body alone can face it successfully. Besides promoting health and strength, sports develop many good qualities of the head and the heart. They strengthen the power of endurance and promote discipline, fair play and team spirit.

Hence sports forms an indispensable part of Prasiddhi Vidyodaya’s curriculum, aiming for all round development of the personality. We have partnered with Edu Sports in providing a structured curriculum for physical training as well.